Moodmonk App

Moodmonk is a mindful mood journaling app. You can not only log your daily mood, but also based on your input get tailored content, such as exercises, affirmations and questions to reflect on. The app features, unsurprisingly, a cheerful monk, along with a vivid and uplifting theme.


The main goal of the app is to help you understand your moods and how they develop over time. Especially for those who suffer from severe mood swings getting through the day can be challenging. Moodmonk concept is not about always being happy, but rather about how you can deal with your downs and utilise your ups. In other words, this app is a little self-help tool which generates suggestions based on your current mood.

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Above are several examples of the exercises and reflection tasks. Some of them have an integrated timer when your tasks are limited in time. Depending on the mood that you chose, the content you get might energise you, calm you down or make you reflect on your day.


Affirmations is another type of daily content, aimed to uplift and motivate you. Every day you get a thought to keep in mind or say out loud if you wish. We made a separate tab for it so that you can keep coming back to it throughout the day.

For more information such as features, new updates and download links please visit the page linked below☺️